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Resources for Foster/Adoptive Caregivers

Kids that have gone through the process of foster care and/or adoption all experience a level of trauma. This will affect the way they process information, correction, food and safety. It is vital as a foster/adoptive parent to research how trauma affects brain development and the best resources to help them thrive. Many of these books will also be helpful for teachers, family members, friends or anyone that regularly works with kids with challenging circumstances.
Here are some suggested resources.

These podcasts are vital listening for important topics covered by adoptees. Adoptees On The Adoptee Next Door

These groups largely center around the voices of adoptees and first moms. They are going to be different from your typical adoption groups, but these groups cover very necessary topics in the most honest way.

FLP Teen Connections Program: Local Pittsburgh teen mentoring group for teens who have experienced foster care or adoption.

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